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Friday, April 20, 2007

Break's Over

Since my last post, we had Spring Break and my hard drive crashed, deleting lots of stuff I didn't realize I really needed til it was gone! But, we're back and I'm back on line, so all is well now. Speaking of Spring Break...Highs 30s and Low 11, cold, windy, gray, snowy...sounds great doesn't it. I stayed home most of the week reading, knitting and spinning. Not bad all the way round, at least in my book.
At the beginning of the semester, when we began our Fiber to Fabric unit, I purchased some raw wool so the kids could experience the washing process. When they opened the bag, wrinkled noses, disgusted sounds, etc. ensued. Well, right before break they had the pleasure of cleaning the smelly mess. They were absolutely hilarious. The guys were worse than the girls: "I'm not touching that stuff!" was heard from more than one student. Needless to say, they had no option and every student had to get their hands into it. They discovered that like most things we dread, after they're finished, we discover that they weren't so bad after all. The wool is now all cleaned and they have hand carded it as well. Some of it was spun so they could get a feel for the difference between hand carded and commercially carded roving. We have begun our first weavings on cardboard looms this week. Their mug rugs will give them an intro to the process before they move to a 2 harness loom and either placemats or purses. I think the kids are getting a lot out of this class. They will at least remember what theyv'e done!

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