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Also Find Me Here

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Living Books

Anyone who thinks little ones don't learn from what they read should check out my daughter's blog and see what my very creative 2 year old grandson was inspired to do from a book I bought for his older brother. If you have small children, take heart, they also learn good things from books!

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  1. I am having the darndest time leaving a comment. This is my 3rd attempt. I don't know why it's happening!!!
    I wanted to thank you for listing my blog on your site. I saw that and it made my day. Thanks!
    I also mentioned that I would like to be enrolled in any and all of the classes that you teach. I am in awe of what you do and those students are so fortunate to have such a gifted and caring teacher. I undoubtedly will be older than the teacher and the bus ride could be a killer, but boy, I'd like to be there.


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