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Thursday, May 31, 2007

8 Things You Don't Know About Me

My daughter tagged me with this meme, so here I am:

1. I collect turtle shells---Terrapinas carolinas, aka Carolina Box Turtle---to be more specific. I have a nice collection that I have found in the woods near my home. The shells decay slowly when the animal dies, and I have examples that still have the outer scales attached as well as some that are just the boney calciferous remains. I don't remember when I started saving them, and I really don't have a reason for it. I just like these creatures with their beautifully patterned armour. They are becoming threatened as more and more roads are built and vehicle traffic becomes heavier through their habitat. When they travel across the roads, their slow pace makes them vulnerable to drivers who are less than concerned about their welfare. My daughter and I have rescued many by moving them out of harms way. If you move a turtle out of the road; be sure to take him to the side he is traveling toward, or he will just turn around and go back!

2. I cannot tolerate having anything laying across my legs. Phobia? I'm not sure. When my husband and it are watching a movie, if he lays his leg across mine I really struggle to allow it, but just a few seconds is all I can handle. I panic and begin to feel trapped.

3. I don't watch TV...just a waste of time in my opinion.

4. I am a PACKRAT of the Royal Order. I hate to throw "stuff" away, because I can always imagine some use for it at a later date. This is somewhat of a problem (storage/order/organization/etc) since my husband of 32 years is the Grand Poobah of Packrats of the Royal Order.

5. I don't fight with my husband and I don't nag...makes life easier. But, I do voice my opinions in reasonable discussions with my always wrong half (just kidding, Honey!).

6. I hate doing dishes. I love to cook and I love a neat kitchen, but I deplore washing dishes. I think its a subconcious reaction to all those dirty dishes my Mom MADE me wash while my sister didn't.

7. I will try just about anything once, as long as it isn't illegal or immoral. I tend to just jump into things and then look back to see where I am how I got there. I read instructions only after having leaped forward on my own. Sometimes this gets me in over my head, but...I haven't drowned...YET!

8. I am very picky...about socks that match my clothes, clothes that match, people rearranging my Stuff, lint & fuzzballs on clothes, squeezing the toothpaste from the end of the tube, spelling, scribbling out writing, sorting out laundry

I tag Ellen and Kristin.

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