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Monday, July 9, 2007

Renewing Acquaintances

My front porch, the creek, peace and quiet and I have been renewing acquaintances the past while. I had almost forgotten how much I love solitude and just how thought provoking it can be. The hustle and bustle of finishing up the school year left me drained both mentally and physically, so home I came with not intent other than several days of doing absolutely nothing. My day begins at about the same time as during the working year, but commences at a much slower pace. My better half goes off to work and a nice steamy cup of Starbucks Breakfast Blend goes out with me for the awakening of the day.

Morning Symphony

Quiet time, a cup brewed just so,
Soft breezes rustling dew damp air.
Me and God watch the daybreak unfold;
A private show in my rocking chair.

Sparrows warm up for morning's melody,
Infant soft shadows gently born
Underneath an ancient maple tree.
Quickly, they grow and then transform;
A lacework reflection of my canopy.

Birdsong, in chorus creation compels
There's an audience today you know.
The babbling brook they rush to tell,
A command performance for God and me alone
As morning's sweet symphony slowly swells.

Crescendo followed by hushed respite
Day settles in warm soft and still.
Feathered falsettos begin to quiet
Wonder and awe my heart still fill
Me and God starting the day out right.

After a couple of cups, I usually do the bare minimum of necessary housework...dishes, couple loads of laundry, floors, general picking up...then back to the porch with my spinning wheel, knitting needles, or a bit of reading. The heat of the day builds and the clouds start to form for the usual Appalachian afternoon thunder storms.

Devil's Tater Wagon

Listen chil', it's the ol' man's tater wagon
Hear it a-rumblin' cross the sky
I declare but he's a-ragin'
As it goes a rollin' on by
That devil's layin' a beatin' on
His ol' haint of a wife
Gracious how that hag can moan
Look, fire's a-flyin' from his eye
Boys, you better head on home
She's a-cuttin' loose to cry
Lordy, let's hope ain't too long
Till this storm passes us by.

This is the life. I could really get used to this. Retirement is only, let's see...9 years away. Oh, well. I'll just have to enjoy summer while I can.


  1. Oh,'s good to have you back. I've missed you and thought of you so often. I'd been hoping that you were doing just that which you wrote about! Continue to rest, reflect and find joy in your days. Hope to "see" you again soon.
    Best, Ellen

  2. Are those YOUR poems? So very good!

    Bonnie , friend of Amber's


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