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Also Find Me Here

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wow! It's Been a Year!

I haven't posted on this blog in almost a year! It's really difficult to realize that time has flown so quickly. I am still here, but just pretty much overwhelmed with the rest of my life--so--blogging has not been my #1 priority. Since my last post I enrolled in grad school and have been working on my MA Ed online through East Carolina University. It has been fun, hectic, invigorating...Some of the classes are quite interesting. I am currently taking my second class with Audrey Kilgore. One of the requirements for the first class was the creation of a website featuring the work we were doing. You can check it out at On this site you can see both in progress and finished pieces I completed during my first semester with her. This semester she has graciously allowed me to do an independent study that continues with the exploration of combining digital and traditional art media. We are a week into the semester, and I am at the experimenting phase, so I haven't added anything from this phase to the site, but I will be adding things throughout the spring. If all goes well I should be able to finish up my degree either during the summer, or fall at the latest. I am also working on my National Board of Professional Teaching Standards certification renewal; that is due on April 30th. Between these two projects I have very little free time, but after the NBPTS portfolio goes in the mail I should be able to have free time back in my vocabulary! Check out the other site and see what I have been up to!

1 comment:

  1. Awesome artwork.
    I loved your autobiography piece.
    I hope you finish in the summer..........Aren't you glad you are doing this though. Within the structured requirements has come beautiful artwork!


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