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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Virgie Image-New Transfer Technique

new image of Aunt Virgie...working at school today experimenting with color laser prints...i had forgotten my solvent at home...tried brush go...tried hairspray with no better success...hand sanitizer didn't work either...last ditch effort...krylon clear spray...gave nice watercolor effect to transfers...image is much more subtle and soft-edged than scanned image shows...more experimentation with this technique to come...size 5 x 7 inches on bristol board


  1. Wow! Love this transfer. so you just sprayed it on the back of the image as it was face down on the bristol board? burnish it? Anyway, it looks wonderful.

  2. looking GOOD! : D

    As always love your work!
    Audrey Kilgore


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