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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Father's Day #2--Daddy

    thirty seven years
    tagging along
    trying to keep up
    wanting to be just like him
    match my steps to his
    stretching my stride
    struggling to follow his lead
    mirroring his moves
    his likes his words his deeds
    he was my role model
    gone sixteen years
    still trying to walk
    in the paths he made
    always struggling
    to match my steps to his

Photo taken in 1955, the year my parents were married. Daddy has been gone sixteen years, his face is still as vivid in my memory as it was five minutes after he walked out the door on the way to work when I was a kid. He was a small man but cast a big shadow. I am still mindful of the lessons he taught, especially those learned by example during his eight year battle with leukemia. His dignity and grace during his illness, and his gratitude for anything we did to ease his suffering were humbling. A wonderful father and grandfather, a remarkable husband, a good neighbor, a friend in need and deed, both a sheep and a shepherd, a role model worthy of the title....

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