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Also Find Me Here

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Carolina Wren--coming to life

last night I spent some time with the wren
working in long and short staggered stitches
filling in color
brush strokes interpetted in thread
enjoying the meditation of quiet work
after a long day
with busy teens
on a full moon
I really need this right now


  1. Aaaaah Brenda, this one's gooood !
    I always love it when wrens are visiting our garden , just a tiny ball of feathers hopping up and down, again and again ! They are quite territorial to each other too ...

  2. Oh, Brenda! I love this. You make me want to do some stitching. This is really beautiful.

  3. It is beautiful, Mom. Our wrens are hanging around the porch again, but they haven't decided to come in yet...


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