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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Daily Visitors

 these guys visit daily
foraging for crickets

 seeds, june bugs, acorns

 dogwood berries, holly berries,

those i really dont mind them having
their great bronze bodies
the rhythmic puttputt
a gregarious gobble
are reward for the foraging

they are often marauding
stealing what should go into
my freezer
my grandsons pancakes and muffins

though i like to watch
and listen

 to often they end up
in the orchard
and apples
are much tastier
than bugs, acorns, dogwood and holly berries
most of our crop this year
went through their gizzard
and out as fertilizer
somedays there were as many as
twenty-one large birds
and they eat a lot
and i didnt


  1. Aaaah, love these autumn colours! You sure live in a beautiful spot!
    Those are wild turkeys ????

  2. Yes Els, it surely is a beautiful place to call home. And, yes, they are wild turkeys. For many years they were rare sights, but nowhere seem to be plenty of them. This particular group was hatched this spring, and have been visiting since they came off the nest.

  3. well, they're no more little cute chicks .... !


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