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Friday, November 4, 2011

for Cassie

these are the sewing machine drawers
I told you about
 I picked them up at the Ranger flea market for $10

 I stacked them and filled them with some of my collections
a vintage darning egg
a pin cushion gifted from my daughter when she was a kid
hand made walnut coasters from my son in law
one of my hand dipped beeswax candles
one of my photo transfer pieces that includes an image of your weaving
the miniature sweater knit from the pattern you shared
a Paas tin containing stitch markers
feathers, buckeyes, snail shells, tiny stones
mini pottery gifts from Harolds mom

 vintage bone and steel crochet and knitting needles
in one of my daughters pottery bottles from college
and a hand turned walnut cup from my son in law

 the second set contain other sentimental pieces

 a fan from an exchange student from Korea
vintage silver salt shaker, various knobs
and a photo of my father in law as a young man
he is still quite a handsome guy
and so is his son

a couple pieces from my blue willow dinnerware
 and a photo of Harolds maternal great grandmother

and finally, here is the print I told you about
Turtle Waiting for Rain
watercolor by Martha's daughter


  1. Your collections are beautiful, with each piece being meaningful to you. Thank you for sharing and letting us peek into your world.

  2. I just looked at Annie's video.
    I am filled with beauty and want to work with my hands. Makes me want to go up to Asheville for the weekend but I have Jane Eyre Book Club in the morning!

  3. what beautiful vignettes. thank you for sharing. and about Jordan's project- wow! i wish i had had that much discipline and focus at her age- i wonder where she will go in life?


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