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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Home Baked Goodness

Yesterday I tried baking bread using my daughter's recipe with less than pleasing results. Nothing to do with her recipe, hers is always wonderful. I used whole wheat flour that I'd had for a while, and my yeast had been out of date for a bit. I should have known better. It's not like I haven't been cooking most of my life! So, last night I went to the grocery and bought fresh yeast and a bag of unbleached King Arthurs White Whole Wheat Flour. Today I gave it another shot.

So, for dinner (lunch outside Appalachia) we had fresh baked bread and home made vegetable beef soup (thawed from the freezer). Delicious. The bread was just right, great texture, not too dense. Yummy. Great lunch for a cool fall Saturday.

By the way, if you follow the link to my daughter's site,
she has some magazine back issues for sale.
Some of them are hard to find.

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