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Monday, November 21, 2011

Snow Cones Book Page

 a new book page today
pinecones and snow
getting in the christmas mood
begun with a drawing
zig millenium 05
archival pen
sepia colored pencil

 brown, light brown and black
shading darker under the petals of the cones
lighter toward the edges where the light would hit most
green, jade green, dark green on the pine needles
some light erasing on the text
page is old and fragile
and the eraser pulls a hole
repaired with tape on the back

 elmers glue on the ends of some of the cone petals
on top of the branches and needles
sprinkled with snow glitter and dusted off
a few dots here and ther in the background

 white acrylic paint atop some of the needles,
branches and on the tips of cone petals
dabbed on thickly
snow texture

text speaks of
standing before the fire
under the mistletoe and
surprised him with a kiss
library discard
battered copy of
Eight Cousins
full of pencil and crayon marks
being salvaged
one leaf at a time


  1. You draw beautifully! I like that you are using the old pages.. I tried a painting on an old dictionary page and was the paper ever fragile.. it wants to be handled with such care... I try to remember next time..
    Have Fun!!

  2. Thanks Gwen. I have found that colored pencils and ink work well for me. My students have decided that they want to try drawing on book pages too. I have some Harry Potter discards that I may use for an illustration assignment and then let them work son something of their choice after that. I like choosing pages that have something in the text that relates to the image. Our school librarian has been saving discards for me. : D

  3. Thank you for repurposing those discarded books. Once upon a time they were important...then became castaways...headed for the trash perhaps...and then you've made them into works of art. How very fitting for something as important as the printed word...

  4. Oh my..... I may have to try some of that and I'm not an artist in that way but I think I can... I think I can.
    You inspired me. I love discarded books to read or use.


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