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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tangled Book Pages

several months ago I discovered Zentangles
being featured on several blogs

they are sort of
organized doodles

with repeating patterns
and contrasting values

I was intrigued by them
since I have always doodled

so, I grabbed an old discard book
and gave it a try

and I must warn you
this is VERY addictive

they're like
meth for doodlers

since I found the first ones
I have seen them on all sorts of things

everything from
tennis shoes to tables

I have been thinkin about other surfaces
upon which to 'tangle

butI'm kinda stuck on old book pages
there is just something
about drawing in a book
brings out the kid in me


  1. THOSE are stunning.
    You always inspire me.
    Have to do some of that.
    I'm doing the Brooklyn Sketchbook Project so have to get going on it over the holidays.


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