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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dividing a circle

Judy has me thinking about dividing a circle
Judy Martin's Manitoulin Circle Project
photo from
beautiful and inspiring work

...two halves of the infinite...begining and end inseparable
i need some time
with this inspiration
thoughts and images
to coalesce
quoting Judy "when a horizontal line divides a circle, the lower half is like the ark and represents water, while the upper half is like the rainbow or heaven or sometimes called the upper water"

I had never considered this concept, but I find it resonating in my mind
 conjuring images and symbolism
in which the ark stands for redemption/absolution but ultimately for LOVE;
the rainbow being a covenant represents COMMITMENT.
Without one the other is somehow incomplete?
 Like the way the bottom of the circle would rock/teeter
and the top always wants to pour out its contents?
Am I making any sense at all? I feel as if I am rambling!
All these whirling thoughts and images need some time to settle and coalesce in my mind.
Thanks Judy for the mental nudge.
 I needed it today as I have been in a bit of a brain fog!

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