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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Book Arts--Like I Need Another Craft!

Last evening I attended a workshop
at Swain Center for the Arts.
The instructor was a wonderful
multitalented artist--
Phyllis Jarvinen.
Phyllis taught us the construction of
hardbound journals using
long stitch binding.

We used recycled fabrics
(thrifted by Phyllis)
for our covers.

Long stitch binding is exposed on
the spine of the book.

I had taken some heavy  threads to the class,
and this two strand cotton
perfectly matched the fabric I used for my cover.

Phyllis also brought a selection
of paste papers for
our endsheets.
Phyllis is an excellent instructor.
She gave clear concise instructions
and demonstrated each phase of the project.
I brought home a kit with sufficient materials
to make a second book.
I hope to later take another
workshop with her
to learn Coptic Binding.
Check out Phyllis's website. She also does photography--including pinhole camera photography, drawing, painting and printmaking. Like I said, she is a multi-talented lady.

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  1. HI Brenda, I used some of the thread you gave me to make a book - now posted on my website. It went very well with the heart printed book cloth I decorated with hand cut and rubber band heart stamps. Thanks for coming to the workshop, hope you can make it to the coptic binding one! Making paste paper is really fun, too, if you haven't done that yet...happy art!


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