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Friday, February 10, 2012

dragon moon

There's a full moon just beginning to wane in preparation for darker nights. Heavy frost crunched under footfalls this morning as snow clouds gathered overhead. As it became lighter the rising sun cast a crimson glow on the low dome of the heavens. The old folks say it's a harbinger; bad weather is on the way. Maybe some snow, but definitely colder. Tomorrow may be bitter. A blanket of snow and breath that steams.

As recycled denim legs were torn into strips, threads frayed from the edges. Upon closer inspection I found they were patterned with alternating white and blue. Incindental ikat. To wonderful to waste.


  1. great job with the full moon in the weaving. i love it. and i've done what you're doing with the frayed threads, but i found they were not easy to stitch with. can't wait to see what your stitching will look like.

  2. afraid you are correct. they difficult! need of a lint brush to remove the fuzz coming off. it wants to kink and knot. might be good to couch over with another thread matching background.

    1. sometimes you can weave with them.
      this is looking really good!

  3. this is fabulous! how the weaving and moon flow into the dragon. just wonderful. those frayed threads would be great for spinning, mixed with other fibers.

    ps. i've been having a hard time being able to leave comments here...trying again...


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