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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Power Felt

Wake Forest University has develope a new "felt" that contains carbon nanotubes which allow the material to convert heat into electricity. The uses for this new "fiber" are infinite. Just think of the possibilities!


  1. when i was in the textile industry, nano technology was just beginning. it is amazing what can be done.

  2. i remember when electric blankets were new (dating myself there!), and now we have antimicrobial clothing. pretty soon clothing that can power gadgets? the past couple of days my students have been working on iPads, completing assignments connecting literature and art. not sure if saving paper is worth the energy expenditure for the iPads. but the kids are more engaged than if they were working on paper. i just hope we never get away from real books and real pencils & paper. i'm a very tactile person, and i just like the "feel" of books, paper, pencils, brushes, etc. one think is for sure, we can't have virtual textiles!


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