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Monday, February 6, 2012

Year of the Dragon

year of the dragon
has me thinking about

section of mural I painted on hallway wall outside my classroom

detail of mural outside my classroom
mythical winged creatures
roaming the countryside
(or the hallways and filing cabinets)
have they all disappeared
 or did they leave progeny
wings and talons
breathing fire and smoke
villainous marauders
or benevolent protectors

this fellow has been living on my filing cabinet for several years
he was brought to life
in marker and gel pen
 on a napkin

when the napkin is opened
you can see ghost images
emerging in the remaining corners

I'm thinking it may be time
for a transformation
maybe from paper to fabric
perhaps as a ghost of himself
with only traces of his original color
 emerging from the fibers...

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