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Thursday, March 22, 2012

blog break

away for a few days
letting the fog clear


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    1. Yes, Bonnie, I took it one foggy Saturday morning a couple of years ago. The sun was just beginning to burn the fog off and had backlit the huge walnut tree in the foreground. Dear friends, Roy and Dovie Crisp, lived in this little house on our road. She was an amazing gardner and quilter, and they were a dropoff for the bookmobile. There was a shelf in the corner of their living room filled with library books for the neighborhood. Needless to say they were one of Amber's favorite places to visit! And on top of the lure of books, they were just wonderful people. The kind of people everyone needs for neighbors.

  2. Amber has told me about the bookmobile and goint down to someone's house. Just checking to see if you are back here writing and posting your beautiful handwork.


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