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Saturday, March 10, 2012

picnik users: check this out

While I have Photoshop on my PC, I do not have it on my laptop or on the computer in my office. Very often I take photos of students/ their work at school and the fluorescent lighting always gives a less than pleasing photo. So, like a lot of other people I frequently use to edit photos. When I learned the site was closing next month I started looking for an alternative. And I found something I think is even better.

Enter I was really surprised when the image loaded and a workspace very much like Photoshop opened up...layers, filters, patch tool, clone, etc. And--drum roll please-- it's FREE! You read that right. You can do just about anything the average person would do with Photoshop without even touching your bank account. Will I miss picnik? Nah! Not this girl! The only thing I wasn't pleaded with is the fact that the iPad app (also free, or only 2.99 for the full pack) is nothing like the web site---cool, but not even in the same ballpark. Check pixlr out. I think you will really like it. Probably more than picnik.
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