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Monday, November 19, 2007

Praise Report

Our area has been in severe drought for several months and when you are surrounded by forests that are a tinderbox it gets a little hairy to say the least. Hunting season is in full swing and everyone is on edge with so many smokers in the woods. But, by the grace of the Almighty we have started getting a little much needed rain. Mind you, not a lot at a time, but enough to help. Last week after a particularly exasperating dayat school, my better half and his dad and I settled in to watch a movie when we were blessed with the most beautiful thunderstorm, complete with lightining, wind and best of all pouring rain. My husband looked at me as a rouring noise engulfed the house and asked "is that the wind?" Smiling, I replied " I do believe that its rain!" All three of us smiled all the way through the rest of the movie and kept commenting about how good the rain sounded on the metal roof of our house. About 3 in the AM I woke up and went downstairs (you know...50 something bladder + blood pressure meds=wake up in the middle of the PM). It was still raining, though now just a good steady soaker. When my honey came down ~5 I aroused to a strange sound that I couldn't quite figure out. I kept thinking "what is that sound?". After he left for work, I sat down with a cup of coffee and it just hit me! I was hearing the creek! It had been so quiet for the past few months due to low water levels that I had forgotten the sound. How we do take our environment for granted; I am blessed to live in one of the most gorgeous places on earth and how often am I truly thankful? Often, but not as I should be. Praises to the Creator of all, the sender of wonderful life-giving rain, the answerer of prayers!

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