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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Soakers and Inkle Weaving

One of my knitting friends is expecting her first grandchild just any moment. Her son, the father to be, called her last Monday and informed her they would be using cloth diapers for the new baby and "would you knit some soakers for us?". As he is not a knitter, he has no idea how long it takes to knit enough of these to meet the needs of a newborn. Granna, smart lady that she is, approached her 2 knitting coworkers with a request to knit soakers with her. I used Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Leggings pattern from Knitting Workshop to knit this one (Crayola marker for size reference) from Henry's Attic natural colored merino with stripes of Nature Spun gray heather. The idiot cord is worked over 4 stitches; I wish I had used 3 instead because it is fatter than I would like. When I was ready to work the ribbing, I told my daughter I just wanted to keep knitting and make pants instead. She said I could knit up some pants for her little one (due in Feb) so after Christmas, I will have more EZ leggings on the needles. They worked up fast and were a lot of fun to knit. They would be really cute in multiple colored stash knitting or in hand painted yarn.

My Appalachian Arts students are making Inkle bands. I have traditionally limited this class to 12 students and had that many looms built (plus 1 for demo purposes) along with enough stick shuttles for each student to have a couple. This year my class is packed with 18 students, so our shop class built 6 more looms for us. We used yarn that was donated by local crafters from their stash, so this was pretty much a free project for us as I didn't need to purchase equipment or material. Free is great on public school funding! The kids have had a ball with this project. Most of them warped their looms again as soon as they finished with their first bands. They are making iPod sleeves, cell phone cases, eyeglass cases, belts, 60s style headbands, purses, etc. Their ideas and their color choices are both wonderful. I will post photos of the finished projects in a few days.


  1. Mom, the soakers are great!! You I think they would be cute and very snug completely ribbed. And you'll have to show me how those inkle looms work, I don't think I've seen one quite like those (not that I've seen that many inkle looms!)

  2. Adorable soakers! Your pair turned out great.
    I do love to hear what your class is doing, thanks!

  3. Mom, the little pants are very nice, and will be much apperciated. It worked very well to continue the soaker down to leggings!

    I keep checking in here for changes, but then again my blog doesn't change that often either :)

  4. The soakers are adoreable ... glad our grandkids are out of diapers. Just spent a week at Stecoah learning to weave. FANTASTIC!! You are indeed lucky to enjoy the mountains environs on a regular basis. Tropical Twister


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