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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Five days later...the snow is still laying about three inches deep in our lower pasture. The weather service is predicting rain/freezing rain for us this evening and tomorrow...but...the "old folks" say that if snow hangs around three days it's waiting for more... Also, smoke from everyone's chimneys is coming to the clouded up over a HUGE frost this morning. We'll just have to see about this weather prediction.

Roots Cellar--version 2: This is a second version of this piece with some of the changes suggested by Amber. I went out yesterday afternoon and shot some photos of roots hanging over the edge of the red clay road bank and payed around with the image again in Photoshop last night. I think it is getting there.

I also scanned the Alice piece, although the colors may be off a bit.

Eat Crow: This is the first experiment I did this semester with the water method for transfering inkjet prints to fabric. The garden are of the image is done with this technique. I use Goof-Of to transfer photocopies of a crow feather and some of my crow and tree drawings for the other parts of the image. Crayon and Pitt Pens add color and text to tie the image together. The text relates to myths and sayings about crows. This piece is small--about 5" x 7" on unbleached muslin.

An in-progess piece: I am calling this one Cousins; it is based on a vintage photo of my Grandpa Jenkins' cousins. I think the photo must have been taken at a wedding or something, as they all have flowers in their shirts/overalls : ) The images are water transfers on muslin. I am going to stitch/glue the parts down when I finally decide where this one is headed. Below is a detail:

I want to add some drawing/painting to the image to break the grid up and unit the parts more. The green background was not working very well for me in this direction, so here it is with a different ground.
I want to also add a larger image, maybe of one of the individuals. I am thinking about the banjo player. To check this out I did a gel transfer yesterday so I could put it on the piece and work with placement. There is a bit of glare from the "plastic" of the transfer in the photo below, but you can get an idea of what I am thinking anyway.

1 comment:

  1. Mom,

    I like this roots one much better. The chain is almost too prominent - just slightly, and maybe not at all. In the first image I don't think I would have recognized it if I hadn't known what it was, but in this one you see it without really trying. Does that make sense?

    I like the Eating Crow one...
    It's hard to see on the screen, but I didn't see any reference to "Four and Twenty Blackbirds Were Baked in A Pie.." You used to recite that for us all of the time! I love the feathers and the little crows up the side. I'm not crazy about the larger crow at the top. He seems to substantial for the rest of the piece, or perhaps it's because he's just hanging there that it bothering me. Again, it could be just looking at things on the screen.

    The Alice piece looks much better scanned.

    And Cousins - I'm not sure I'm crazy about the green fabric. You know what would be perfect? Do you remember those gray/green pants Papa always wore? How many pairs of those do you think he had?

    Contrary to how I'm sure my pickiness sounds I like these!


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