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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Roots Cellar

an in-progress piece for my current grad school class... I am calling it Roots Cellar...the couple in the center mason jar are my Pappaw and Mammaw Laws and on either side are her parents, Jesse and Callie Crisp...the "roots" are actually bare maple tree tops... am mulling over in my mind where this one is going...maybe separate the layers and transfer them to a wood substrate? or a piece of old text? rust-stained? include sand, grit in the adhering process?...we'll see


  1. I love the jars, Mom. The whole image is nice, but I really like the jars. I like the chain, too. Why don't you see if Dad will go up the bank above the road and get a picture where its washed out. You know, where we were not supposed to climb up (and slide down). That overhang of roots dark against the glaring red clay. That might work instead of the branges...

  2. That is amazing.
    I'm intrigued by the progress as I got down here on your blog. Gorgeous and it makes me think.


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