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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Vintage Blooms

Mom called a few days ago and said I want you to bring your camera over here and get a picture of "Grandma's flower". I knew immediately which plant she was referring to, because this particular plant has been around for a long time. It has seen quite a lot of family history. As close as we can determine it is over ninety years old--not a parent of this plant--this particular plant itself!

When my Pappaw Laws was a young boy his mother, Cordie Black Laws, babied this plant, coaxing it to produce blooms. Many years later when his father. Nathan Laws, died he brought his mother home to live with him and my Mammaw. When my great uncle Jesse moved Grandma Cordie from her little house on Straight Creek in Bell County, KY to my grandparents house in nearby Wallsend, this plant was carefully transported along with the few other things she chose to keep. After she died Mammaw also cared for the plant, often to be rewarded with a sheath of glorious blooms. When my grandmother died in the mid 70's, my mom, now 79 herself, received the plant and it was again moved, this time from southeastern Kentucky to the mountains of western North Carolina. Every so often it has gifted us with a bloom or two. This year it has been especially generous, producing eight buds that unfurled into this gorgeous display. We all get excited when it blooms...I just wish it could talk as well...what stories it could tell!

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