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Saturday, December 25, 2010

White Christmas

--God bless us everyone--
-Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol
this was a quiet Christmas...just the two of us...but considering the fact that we woke to a white Christmas this morning and the snow hasn't let up all day, I'm very thankful that my husband was here...most of the time when the weather conditions are like this he is out in a snowplow making the roads safe for those who must be out...and those who don't have sense enough to stay in...but today...on this wonderful quiet Christmas...he was home with me all day...we had a nice cozy country ham, biscuits, scrambled eggs, fried apples...talked with all the family via telephone...Merry Christmases long distance to the five grandsons...then he played Christmas carols on the guitar...I did some more mitten knitting...then I played in the kitchen experimenting with a new fudge recipe...white chocolate with salty peanuts and caramel...he ate two pieces and pronunced it a success...we watched a movie...I cooked up a nice hot pot of cream of potato soup...he pronounce that a success as well...and now with around ten inches of snow...and more falling...things are back to normal...if you are out in this mess and you see a snowplow coming your way...toot your horn and thankful that he is willing to give up time with his family so that the roads are passable for you...I hope your Christmas was merry...mine was...very...God bless you...everyone

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  1. That sounds like a lovely Christmas and white ~~ we were jealous!


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