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Monday, January 10, 2011

First Act Following Dramatic Entrance

It seems that last weeks snow storm was an entrance for winter rather than an exit for fall.
Last night Act I began to play out.
 At about 1:30 this morning there was very light fine snow falling and by 5:30 when my husband left for work we had about a foot--
He pushed snow in the Tacoma all the way to town.
 Here is what it looked like out and about in the county today:
Hwy 129 N

Deal's Gap

Hwy 28

Farley Branch

And, this is what happens when the tie holding the salt box breaks
allowing the load to shift.
It's a good thing there was a bank to slide into
rather than one to slide off of.

We are still under a winter storm warning.
Snow is expected to end sometime Wednesday.
This semester at school may end sometime this summer.

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  1. I heard today that the state has used up its 30 million dollar snow removal budget already. There is 10 million in an additional fund that can be used, but it's only January!

    Glad Dad was ok, and hope they figure out some other way to attach those salt pans to the trucks.


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