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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What do you do when you get snowed in?

A lot of the people I know don't like to get snowed in.
Mainly I think because they don't know what to do with themselves.
They get bored.
Not me.
I can always find something to keep my hands and mind busy.

 Yesterday was a pretty productive day.
In addition to laundry and cleaning the kitchen and dining room floors I
hemmed 3 pairs of new jeans that have been waiting since summer
made 16 napkins from prewashed muslin in my fabric stash
(one day I will get around to making some of these,
but for now plain muslin beats paper)
mended my husband's favorite camo shirt
and worked on Jonathan's vest

 The shirt had several small holes in it.
I mended them with the darning stich on the machine.
This is the worst one, at the base of the chest pocket, barely visible now

 Unless you look closely.

 This is the inspiration for Jonathan's vest, in the latest issue of knitsimple magazine.
He chose the yarn colors from and
asked for no buttons, so
I am modifying the pattern to pullover style.
The stripes will begin this evening or tomorrow.

 Today I am working on this, a rag rug,
while looking at blogs and doing more laundry.

 Last Monday at crafts night one of the ladies was making a toothbrush rug.
I watched and thought I could figure this out on my own.
I'm not sure if I am doing it the same way she did, but it is working.
A bit wonky, but a good first effort.
She was using a beautiful wooden needle,
which I think my wonderful s-i-l can make, but
since this plastic tapestry needle is what I had on hand it is what I used.

The technique is basically a buttonhole stitch.
I worked around a core of an additional strip of fabric
(donated by a friend a couple of years ago,
 indigo with white broken stripes and anchors,
I like the way the pattern gets broken up in the stitching process).
The rug looks similar to one I crocheted a few years ago.
But this technique is easier on my hands and shoulder.
This first one will be a small rug I think
because I don't have a lot of this fabric.
But then maybe I can find something that will work with it.
A good reason to hit the thrift stores.

So, what do you do when you get snowed in?


  1. THAT is the rug I want to make.
    Thank YOU. I did knit a hat for my college son in Boone and read Moby Dick for teaching, made soup, wrote letters ( done first )..... organized those socks that seem to have feet!

  2. Bonnie, the rug is pretty simple. After the roads get better and I can get out to find some more fabric to work with I will see if I can do a tutorial, maybe not with video, but with photos at least. I hate to admit it, but I have never read Moby Dick. I have made soup. And written letters, just not lately. Sad, but letter writing seems to have become lost with technology.

  3. When I get snowed in, I snuggle with a book (with kids or without) on the couch. Or sometimes I've gotten a cleaning mood- and just re-organize a closet or something. Love the quiet that settles in your mind, when you have to stay at home.

  4. Moby Dick - it's been awhile and why do socks have feet and not the other way around? Glad it's not just my house of boys. I certainly don't do that much when I get snowed in! I did finish my socks and started a learning sock from the book you loaned me, Mom - the 'sockitechture' one. I also finished my Jared Flood Mobius hat. It's lovely - I knit it in Nanney's Sea Colors yarn (fuschia). Mostly I helped put on and take off snowpants, boots, and mittens, made cocoa and tea, dis lots of laundry (thankful we did not loose power), made cookies, and swept up wood trash and wiped up snow puddles!

  5. I never get bored when I'm snowed in either. In fact, I love it.


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