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Monday, January 24, 2011

Rag Rug Roundup

     Even though I am back at work and no longer snowed in progress on the rag rug continues. Initially I had intended to use only stashed fabrics, but I ran out of large pieces much sooner than I thought I would, so I gave in and bought some cotton fabric at Hobby Lobby. It was on sale though, at 30% off, so all in all it wasn't too bad. I probably could have done without buying fabric, but I realllly wanted some red and black in it, so there. I have confessed! In its current state the rug measures 35 1/2 x 43 inches. I am hoping to get it to about 4 x 6 feet without having to purchase more fabric; I have been hitting the thrift stores with my eyes peeled. As I was ripping the fabric, there were some peices that were not as wide as they needed to be. I saved all of these narrower strips and am in the process of making potholders with them. The peice on the left is made from strips of the blue fabric leftover from the center of the rug. I edged it with some bits of a red floral print from my stash.

     My Appalachian Arts & Crafts students wanted to try their had at rug making, so I found some sheets at the thrift store...a whole box full for $3 (special price for the school). They thoroughly enjoyed tearing the fabric! I started a smaller lighter weight rug (on the right in the photo) to demonstrate how to begin the rug, and continued working on it while they were busy with their own pieces. In general, they made potholders, although one boy had trouble keeping his flat and decided to just make a bowl instead. I didn't manage to get any photos before they took them home to their mothers.

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  1. I want to do THAT! Thanks for the photos. I love that you found a whole box of fabric for that price.
    A gift to those hands...and then the floor!


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