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Thursday, October 27, 2011

revisiting old work-carolina box turtle

Carolina Box Turtle 
 created as an assignment 
Ceramics I  class in college

made life size
using photos
and shells found in the woods around home

 glazes  mixed to match
 colors of the shell and body
he was displayed in a ceramic vise
drawing attention to
pressure from human encroachment into his environment
the ceramic vise was later broken accidentally
the pressure it symbolize unfortunately remains

one of my favorite creatures
slow, persistent, self protective
disappearing at an alarming rate
threatened by human encroachment
roads, logging, cars
not nearly as many as just a few years ago

1 comment:

  1. Hey Brenda, you almost fooled me there: just took your turtle for a real one! Looks great!
    Leaf pounding never worked out for me, and it's quite intensive work too ;-)
    My o my, these AUTUMN COLOURS over there: smashing !!!!! (sorry it lasts only a few days when it is beautiful like this. A bit too much wind and pffft gone ....


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