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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

sassafras wall hanging

i promised someone a bit ago that i would post images of this leaf pounded wall hanging
 done as a demo piece for my appalachian arts students a few years ago

young tender sassafrass leaves
 a single-, a double- and a triple-lobed
 were pounded onto a piece of prewashed muslin
after the piece dried it was soaked in salt water for about an hour then rinsed

a micron pen was used to add details to the leaf pounding
everything was ironded to heat set the colors

 a patchwork border of stash fabrics was sewn around the leaf pounding

 and then the entire panel was hand quilted
both the leaf contours
and concentric pattern around them

the color has survived
several years hanging on my hearth
as well as hand washing
and line drying
with no signs of fading

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