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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Digital Storytelling

My Appalachian Arts & Culture students complete a research project of some sort in lieu of the Final Exam required by our local system. Each year I try to incorporate some sort of technology component in the project. Past projects have included audio, video, PowerPoint, etc. This year my students were asked to create a project that incorporated visuals and narration; they could also elect to include music. As always, appropriate documentation of any resources used was mandatory. Overall I was pleased with their work. Several of them were personally relevant to the student, focusing on topics related to their own or their family's history.  Some of them have issues with the relationship between the volume of the narration and the background music; those will need a bit of editing before being presented to the public. I have chosen three to upload to my blog. These videos were created using PhotoStory 3, a freeware that can be downloaded onto your PC. It is quite simple to use.

The first video documents the disappearance of a local community when TVA built Fontana Dam. As a result of the creation of Fontana Lake, the student's ancestors were dislocated and forced to move their home. The photos in this video come from the student's family.


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    1. Thanks Jude. It was a lot of fun. I will be posting a few others over the next week or so.

  2. The kids enjoyed it much more than a traditional research project...not a single complaint. There are plansin the works for some team teaching with a National Park Service person on a similar project this semester.

  3. Great example! I have a similar assignment for my history class's final project - an oral family history. I can't wait to show them this video to them as an excellent example and tell them about this software. Superb! I have heard you and dad talk about JA-pan, but didn't know quite this much of it's story.

    1. If your kids are like mine they will need very little assistance with the software. I have a rubric I will be glad to share with you. I can also send you some links for other examples if you would like.

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