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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Little Wren is finished

seems like forever
since this piece
was started
but it's finally

looking at the detail
it seems
there are not feet
back to the thread bag
for a few more stitches
oh well
such is life
: D


  1. Ofcourse: feathers are still wirling around since we were all infected by Jude !!!
    This little wren is so cute ! Also love the background stitching.
    Hope little Elijah is doing well ....
    I am very interseted in the star booties ... I can't imagine how they will look when finished ???

    1. Els, thanks for the comment. And, yes, I think Jude has made us all a little "feather-brained". Elijah is doing very well. We were able to visit them over the weekend. I finished up the booties while I was there, and he was wearing them when we left. But, I failed to get a photo. I will be making another pair within the next few days. They knit up so quickly! I will be sure to get a photo of the next pair. Or, maybe I can get my daughter or SIL to email me a photo of Elijah with the booties on! That would be best!

  2. Replies
    1. ; ) he's now sure-footed...found his footing this afternoon!

  3. You have some new technology to go along with your handwork!
    Love the WREN..... the feathers....and saw your new grandson today!

    1. New technology? And, I'm jealous! I don't get to see them nearly enough!


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